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As much as you would believe it to be true, it is but a pitiful, sorry lie.

I’m sorry, miss. Nothing is as it seems

Cadeau is a fantasy horror game made in RMVXACE, based in an unfamiliar world full of beauty and immense wonders. You lead the protagonist, Charlotte, through the magic and horrors of the land she has found herself in. 

✩ It is highly recommended that this game is played with headphones. As some sounds may be too quiet to hear.

✩ This beta may not be suitable for those who are poor with blood, gore, or gruesome deaths.

✩ Some things will remain unexplained in the beta, so please be patient! The full game will give more closure.


  • Voice acting (similar to "Dream Daddy")
  • An original soundtrack
  • Original CG, sprite, and character art
  • Original character designs


After downloading, please be sure to unzip the file called "Cadeau (DEMO)" (yes, we know it's the beta, shh) or the game will not work. Also, please refer to the README.txt inside the game files, most issues that you may have are resolved there!

If problems persist, please contact us at any of the following:





2/28/18 - Beta released!

3/1/18 - Fixed bug where text runs off of screen

- Fixed bug where statues disappear

- Fixed bug where the game freezes if the statue hits the walls

- Fixed bug some grammatical errors

- Fixed other various bugs

Install instructions

1. Extract the zip file first!
2. You will need the Vx Ace RTP for the game to work. If you do not have it, please download it here:
3. Download the font inside the "Font (please download)" folder.

(Or for those who already have downloaded the game, installing it from this link or installing it from the file above should fix any issues)

3. Once those steps are complete, simply run game.exe (located in the folder labeled "CADEAU DEMO") (Yes, it's the Beta. It says DEMO anyway. Dont ask why.)


Cadeau (BETA).zip 440 MB
Text Bug Fix (for older versions) 222 kB

Development log


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Just played it! Looks super promising!
The current build ends after the theater-scene, correct? :O (Just puzzled since it felt more like a demo, than a beta.)